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Natalie Nikitina

English teacher & trainer
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At the very first lesson we start speaking English. This is how my students can dive into the language they are studying.

English Language Course, Communicative Method

Are you tired of permanently learning English? Are you disappointed by all teaching methods you have tried at different language schools? Are you convinced that you are linguistically challenged? Do you fail to remember a dozen of new words and feel absolutely frustrated when hearing about modal verbs or tenses? Do you need an interpreter when meeting with your foreign business partners?

Even if this is true about you, there still is a chance: scientific research proves that every person can fluently speak several foreign languages. Can you answer a question: how did you manage to learn your mother tongue? Surely, the answer is obvious: you started learning it when you were a child, you were surrounded by that language, you wanted to communicate to express yourself and to learn new things.

The communicative methodology of learning foreign languages that I use at my lessons is based on the same principle as learning the native language in your childhood.

Nobody doubts that the best way to learn a language is to be plunged into the environment where you hear it every day and you have to use it every day. My lessons are based on the communicative methods that aim at creating such an environment in the classroom.

The advantages of the communicative methodology are quite obvious – its flexibility and naturalness of studying. While learning the language you immerse into it and thus you feel ensured, you obtain a skill and ability to utter your thoughts even if your active vocabulary is limited.